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Why I am running.

I am running because I truly care for our city and have a passion to make it better for all families.   Ward 1 represents the heart of Saint Paul because of its rich tapestry of people, history, geography and is the most racially and economically diverse ward.   Our diversity is our strength.  With uncertainties and challenges of affordable housing, public safety, city services, education and economic development, we need to work and rise together to best address these challenges.  As your next City Council Member, I will to listen to you, work with you, and fight for you to make sure our city policy works for all residents.

Our campaign to create a better city for all families can only be successful through the support from you, your neighbors, friends and families. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

We can only succeed if you can lend us your strengths and talents! Come help us and get to know your neighbors.

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