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Why I am running.

I am running to make St. Paul an even better city. As a long-time resident of Ward 1 for almost 30 years, I am the best voice to represent our community, including and listening to everyone, so we don't alienate parts of the community, especially when we have to make tough decisions. As a full time educator, part time small business owner, and community leader, I believe a leader is a servant of the community.  I believe that respect, courtesy, trust, responsiveness, and communication are essential to creating a collaborative atmosphere. Leadership is about coming to an agreement that can be upheld by all sides. Leadership is taking that agreement and making it work. In my style of leadership, we can create win-win situations. As a community, we can work together to solve them, because when we work together, we rise together.

Our campaign to create a better city for all families can only be successful through the support from you, your neighbors, friends and families. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

We can only succeed if you can lend us your strengths and talents! Come help us and get to know your neighbors.

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